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Post Pandemic Screens & Shields

The Covid19 Coronavirus took the world by surprise, it challenged us both as individuals, communities and countries. It altered many things about the world and until a vaccine is found, it continues to define the way we live and work, as we attempt to reach a compromise between protecting ourselves from a resurgence whilst working to safeguard our economies, our companies and our jobs.

Like most, Workplace Group experienced a period of isolation and lockdown but emerging from this, we began to concentrate on providing a new range of products to help companies get back to work safely and comply with social distancing regulations to protect the health of their employees.

So the Post Pandemic range was created, a series of products that include adaptable screens, shields and barriers which can be configured to almost any existing office configuration.

We help your employees to work within safe and comfortable isolation zones but without disrupting the working practices, communication and teamwork that is often vital to your business.


Protecting your workplace

Working with leading suppliers, we only specify high quality products to create physical barriers whilst maintaining visual and audio communication between employees.

○ User adjustable barrier screens
○ Horizontal and Vertical barrier screens
○ Barrier screens for reception areas
○ Barrier screens for social, communal areas
○ Solutions for workbenches and cafe areas
○ Our advice on reforming seating layouts
○ Cubes and workpods

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Safety without Compromise

We looked at products from many different suppliers before finally specifying our Post-Pandemic range of products and our overwhelming mission was to provide quality and not to find the cheapest products on the market. The Covid19 Coronavirus still poses considerable health risks to your employees and to compromise on low quality acrylic and composite screens is unacceptable.

Our screens are made only from Polycarbonate. This is a transparent thermoplastic polymer with excellent impact strength and is used over other materials like acrylic due to its stability and essential properties such as being Flame Retardant, vital in an office space or business.

Transparency (very clear plastic)
UV resistant
Heat Resistant (stable up to 135°C)
Flame retardant unlike cheaper materials
Easy to clean and disinfect

Our screens help to reassure both staff and customers in the current Covid19 environment.

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