Designing your Workspace

Office design is more than just producing some 3D visuals and matching some fabrics. It is about creating an aesthetic inside your organisation, a look and feel that gives your company it's identity, that creates a workspace inside your workplace.

It is about providing an environment that your staff feel comfortable working within, one that also creates an instant impression as your clients or potential clients enter your offices.

At Workplace Group, we are experienced space planners, experienced designers and some of the best people in the industry to trust with your workspace.

Whether you are creating a brand new office from a shell, refurbishing your existing one or moving into a new premises, our project teams have the skills to give you the perfect working environment.


Ideas bought to life

Any designer can create you an office right? This is true to a certain degree, but not every designer listens to their clients. Let's be frank, they sometimes get a "designer's ego" and go off to create what they consider wonderful without truly taking the time to communicate with you and understand your needs.

At Workplace Group, it's more than just a CAD drawing or a Rendering that we present to you. Our designs are the end result of us taking the time to meet with you, to really listen to your ideas and to truly understand your business and the type of environment that you want for your employees and clients to feel comfortable in.

Our designs are a culmination of your ideas and our imagination, designed to a high specification and using only the highest quality products, reflecting your budget and your brand. Our industry knowledge, contacts and presence at the main trade shows keep us on top of the very offerings from the leading manufacturers and the smaller bespoke design houses.

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Dedicated Designers

Senior Designer, Clive Brooks whose reputation speaks for itself.

His ability to view a project from outside the normal design boundaries gives him the freedom to create workplaces that go beyond conventional office space and leave a lasting visual impact on your clients.