Well-being for work spaces

April 23, 2020

At this time, social distancing is one of the most effective measures to avoid spreading illnesses and infections amongst the population, and by way of different practices, we can obtain a environment that is respectful of the people living in it.

Workplace Group are pleased to offer the Actiu range of equipment solutions for work spaces. We have developed a solution for public service and shop counters that offers good isolation so that workers and users can go about their daily tasks, improving people’s well-being when interacting with their immediate surroundings.

“During these times of uncertainty, it is essential to create sustainable and healthy working environments. The layout of the space and furniture or the way the work is organised has an impact on a setting which, together with aspects such as water, lighting, movement, thermal comfort, materials, air quality, the mind or sense of community, play an important role. In fact, a non-existent or bad implementation of these may seriously affect workers’ health”

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June 15, 2020
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April 23, 2020